What is BCF?

BCF stands for BIM Collaboration Format and is an open data format for model-based communication. BCFs are model-based comments and are often called the little sister of IFC or digital Post-Its.

The BIM method is not limited to models and their further use. It also enables a new type of communication. Instead of the red pen and textual revision lists of plan-based change management, the digital version is used: the BCF comment. Model elements affected by change requests are digitally labelled, communicated and followed up.

Each model check (BIM quality assurance) uses BCF comments to coordinate the results, which contain information on affected components, comments, responsibilities, priority, due date, status and a view of the affected elements for each problem.

The BCF comment only contains the connection to the affected elements (via their GUID = Globally Unique Identifier), not the elements themselves, and therefore only has a very small file size.

For further processing of problems, the responsible parties load the BCF comment into their software and are taken directly to the affected elements. The management of BCF comments, e.g. via a communication platform, provides a quick and clear overview of the status of a project.

Text source: ODE
Image source: ODE