bim - ZERT

Qualification and certification model for Building Information Modelling in Austria.

collaboration with the scientific partner TU Vienna
Funding agency:
Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft FFG
Project period:
2019 -2020
service completed
Consortium management:
Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH

In cooperation with the independent and superordinate association "buildingSMART", a modular training programme is being developed, which enables the completion with a certification examination linked to the "Professional Certification Program" of buildingSMART International. This will ultimately guarantee Austria-wide and internationally comparable quality standards for personal knowledge and skills in Building Information Modelling.

The project is divided into three central elements: a) the development of a modular training model that imparts the necessary knowledge and skills for different BIM application groups (BIM project management to BIM creation) in a targeted manner, b) the first-time holding of the modular training model and c) the development of a national question catalogue for the final certification examination for the different application levels according to the "Professional Certification Program".

Following the project, the training materials will be made available free of charge to the relevant training centres (private and public training and further education, universities, vocational secondary and higher schools, etc.) for further use. This will ensure that uniform standards can be established in the field of Building Information Modelling training throughout Austria in the medium term.


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