BRISE Vienna

Building Regulations Information for Submission Envolvement, Urban Innovation Action (UIA) with the City of Vienna

work package management: transformation of the legal matter into the BIM method
Funding agency:
UIA - Urban Innovation Action
4,8 Mio. Euro
Project period:
2020 - 2022

The BRISE digitalisation project aims to improve the administration of the City of Vienna and thus the lives of its citizens. As a "city of short distances", Vienna will be able to process administrative matters more quickly and efficiently. Digital and analogue participation processes will ensure the democratic, service-oriented development of a modern, sustainable administration.

BRISE sets new standards for building applications and planning permission. BRISE can subsequently become effective in other administrative areas and in other European cities.

As a research and development project, BRISE receives around 4.8 million euros in funding from the EU initiative "Urban Innovative Actions".

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