Neues Landgut

1100 Wien, Austria

BIM - project control & project management
MA 34 Bau- und Gebäudemanagement
Number of flats:
approx. 120
in planning
Kronaus Mitterer Architekten ZT GmbH

A new neighbourhood is being created on the site of today's "Neues Landgut", with social and ecological principles being the guiding principles from the outset. Some of the old buildings have been preserved, a green centre offers recreational space and the development is moderate and adapted to the surroundings.

With the ÖBB Neues Landgut residential building, a uniform, identity-creating ensemble of two interconnected volumes around a courtyard is to be established, which on the one hand is embedded in the surroundings, but on the other hand also has strong residential qualities to enable future residents to live well. The layout of the floor plan and the upwardly recessed stepping of the building volumes on the courtyard side create a gesture of opening to the south and a gesture of opening upwards. The opening to the south allows the residential ensemble to be integrated into the surrounding neighbourhood. The opening upwards leads to high-quality natural light entering the lower areas and the courtyard and thus to a high quality of stay in the courtyard area.

The orientation towards the railway is seen as an identity-forming element. Some of the flats have specific floor plans that take into account the requirements of shift work.

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